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Quit talking and do…!

“The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing” Walt Disney

I saw this quote today and thought it’s important to pick up because in this online age, as I have blogged about before, we are even more style over substance. We talk about our “goals” and advertisers continue to bombard us with […]

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Pelvic & other female-centric pain…it’s still ignored.

Once again I am truly shocked about how dismissive some so-called health care professionals can be when it comes to persistent pelvic pain, particularly in women. I have experienced this myself when constantly asked “does it get worse around your period?” and when you say yes, then there’s a not so subtle eye roll and […]

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Dealing with post-trauma

Mayfields Lavender Farm, August 2020

So I’ll start by saying I don’t actually have experience with diagnosed PTSD in my line of work, but I do have experience to share and it may resonate with those of you who have had a traumatic medical issue or event.

2 years ago, I had a procedure that went very […]

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The 10 Keys for Happier Living

During the mental health course I took with Applause for Thought recently we looked over these points and I thought it was really interesting. Obviously our lives contain so much more that 10 points but with the recent upheaval in the world and all the stress and worry caused, we need to do everything we […]

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Returning to hands-on treatment; post Covid-19 protocols.

From Monday 13th July 2020; government advise has been updated to allow Sports & Massage therapists to return to work. I am now taking appointments, including at Triyoga Soho, but there will be some changes in the process both before and during each session to help ensure safety for all. 

The day before your appointment […]

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