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January 2021

NSAID’s MAKE MY PAIN WORSE… anyone else?

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Yep – another weird thing I have been researching because when you have an injury, back pain or an arthritic condition that are all driven by inflammation the first line of defence suggested is often NSAIDs (non steroid anti inflammatory drugs), so ibuprofen and naproxen. But they can have some nasty side effects meaning you have to take something else to protect your gut from getting an ulcer so it

Massage Therapy must close in Tier 4

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Just a personal note to clarify the current Covid-19 rules as there has been some confusion in our industry, which is understandable given how many changes there have been!

However: under the government guidelines, close-contact services including Sports & massage therapy are absolutely and unequivocally NOT PERMITTED.

Unfortunately, not everyone seems to be playing by the rules. Some of the guidelines mention a loophole for “health services” including mental health, which

December 2020



Last blog of the year and I think we need to hear this!! How many times do people come to clinic and have a list of multiple issues that they perceive as all individually wrong? Or during treatment we uncovered all sorts of soreness that had gone unnoticed…

November 2020

FATIGUE… proper fatigue…

I’ve blogged about this before briefly but the news this week from NICE is very interesting. Specifically, it has withdrawn advice that people suffering with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) should exercise to combat the effects of the illness. The news article I read was then overrun with comments from sufferers who overwhelmingly said “thank god for that” and “we’ve been saying this for years!”. Likewise, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

November Lockdown Rules

OK – so here we go again but within the Sports Therapy industry we have good news and bad news! Therapists such as myself qualified at Level 4&5 (degree equivalent), are still able to treat but this is absolutely not business as usual. Just some of the conditions are listed below so it’s really on a case-by-case basis.

  • Face to Face appointments and treatments may be deemed necessary if they
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