To compliment massage therapy, I strongly recommend practicing Pilates. My method is remarkably effective for general wellbeing as well as dealing with injuries and/or back issues and it can work for everyone, regardless of fitness levels. I aim to deliver Joseph Pilates’ classical exercises in an accessible way.

The matwork exercises I teach need no special equipment and this method is based upon a philosophical foundation from which I have personally benefited dealing with my own back issues; scoliosis and painful inflammatory arthritis. The use of the reformer, tower and other studio equipment can add an effective challenge for the more experienced exerciser and/or assist in rehabilitation and conditioning for anyone keen to support their joints for overall health. If you thought Pilates was boring or just for women, I challenge you to give it a try and think again! For complete beginners I have made a short Zoom introduction here. If you are in pain, try 3 easy things you can do right now!

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a no-nonsense approach which deals directly and efficiently with the body’s soft tissues. But to enjoy sports massage, you do not need to be sporty! Some of the benefits can include:

  • Relieving pain, tension headaches, stress & anxiety
  • Reduction of nerve sensitivity in chronic pain conditions
  • Relief from muscular discomfort during pregnancy & help with childhood growing pains

All treatments are designed around your specific needs. You can expect a tailor-made session every time, whether you have an injury to treat or just need to relax.

If you can’t make it to clinic, you can also benefit via an online injury fix & functional movement consultation. You will be amazed how how much you can do at home to address your issues and how effective self-treatment techniques can be alongside the best advice. A little more like a visit to a physio, but from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Baby massage & Postnatal rehab

The benefits of infant massage & yoga are practically endless, but they include:

  • Alleviating symptoms of colic, teething, wind and constipation
  • Encouraging better sleep patterns
  • Help with postnatal depression & boosting self confidence for parents
  • Stimulating baby’s important systems & functions including co-ordination, digestion, learning & language development

Postnatal Pilates sessions include some of these techniques to keep babies happy while you focus on your recovery from pregnancy & birth. Including help with any diastasis (abdominal separation) or prolapse/pelvic floor injury.

As well as the teacher training, I provide private 1:1 or small group classes arranged around your needs.