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Surgery, hospital trauma & medicalising our feelings.

So I haven’t blogged in a while and having just had a surgery on my neck, I had a realisation as the anaesthetic wore off… that I had been extremely traumatised by being in hospital in 2018 and by the pain and difficulties that surrounded that series of events. I’m not writing this for any sympathy or some sort of medal, but, as with all my blogging, it’s become somewhat

PHYSIO ONLY GETS YOU SO FAR in chronic conditions, manual therapy is awesome…

So I’m fully prepared for a fall out on this one but bare with me because it is personal. In the 9 years it took to get a diagnosis on AS (ankylosing spondylitis) I have seen 3 physios (plus lots of other professionals). 1 local NHS (ordered an x-ray, never touched me), 1 private (mix of assessment, exercise modifications and manual treatment) and 1 from the hospital (only talk). Guess

WORDS MATTER…the language you use and the claims you make are more important than ever.

WORDS MATTER…the language you use and the claims you make are more important than ever. With the internet at our fingertips, there is a wealth of information available BUT also misinformation.

So I’m not going to talk about the obvious anti-vax propaganda here but actually in more simple terms, with claims about the body and exercise. When we talk to colleagues or clients we need to think first; what are we


… and other ways the medical field is skewed against women. It needs to change.

In a previous blog I spoke about how female complaints of pain are really not taken seriously, still, now! I have rarely been to a doctors appointment prior to my diagnosis without the insinuation it’s “just period-related” when there doesn’t seem to be an obvious answer – as if that’s something we should just put


As a #massage therapist I (usually) I touch lots of different people all day and I think we don’t give enough credence to just that simple concept; being touched in a caring manner (although with me it’s bound to be a little painful sometimes!!). There are many people in the Physio industry who are very dismissive of ‘manual therapy’ these days and it really bugs me. Yes, most injuries respond

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