OK – so here we go again but within the Sports Therapy industry we have good news and bad news! Therapists such as myself qualified at Level 4&5 (degree equivalent), are still able to treat but this is absolutely not business as usual. Just some of the conditions are listed below so it’s really on a case-by-case basis.

  • Face to Face appointments and treatments may be deemed necessary if they would prevent escalation of a condition which may require access to NHS services, or which will have a dramatic detrimental effect on daily living. i.e. the appointment is of clinical necessity. 
  • Face to Face appointment times must be kept to an absolute minimum and within a clinical setting which has not been required to close.
  • Mobile treatments and massage for relaxation & as regular maintenance treatment is not permitted during this lockdown. 

Given all of this and the possible interpretations of the full guidance, I’m sure many of us will make different decisions that feel right for us and our clients, so please don’t be surprised if people have different policies during this time once individual circumstances have been considered.

Therefore I will be cancelling routine appointments during this November lockdown but be available to treat injuries or ongoing conditions where people may require NHS care otherwise. I feel this is a sensible policy to safeguard my business, my clients and protect the health service from any undue strain that I could otherwise deal with.

Even under these difficult circumstances, I’m delighted to have our industry recognised as the health-care professionals we are and not just “massage parlours”. We take your health and safety very seriously, and are qualified to do much more than just squeeze your shoulders. So if you really need help, we’re still here for you!

I would like to extend my thanks for the tireless work of the professional bodies who worked for this recognition, particularly the team at The ISRM who have done so brilliantly in advising us though this time.