Just a personal note to clarify the current Covid-19 rules as there has been some confusion in our industry, which is understandable given how many changes there have been!

However: under the government guidelines, close-contact services including Sports & massage therapy are absolutely and unequivocally NOT PERMITTED.

Unfortunately, not everyone seems to be playing by the rules. Some of the guidelines mention a loophole for “health services” including mental health, which may continue and there are some companies and even some so-called professional organisations which are using this tenuous information to advise their members that can continue working. But if you look into it properly and read more than the snippets that suit your agenda they are in no way encouraging appointments which chiefly involve hands-on treatment. In any case, obviously, the government supersedes these organisations and going against the law would also make insurance invalid. So I would think very carefully if you are thinking of booking something right now which involves more than 15 minutes with someone touching you.

I am available for online advice and consultations and of course my Pilates sessions are fantastic relief for your aches and pains.

I know we are all long sick of this and it’s very difficult for the self-employed when we are not earning, but not following the scientific advise is only going to make this drag on! So if you need help, much as it pains me, Sports and Massage therapists are NOT health-care workers classed under the law and so for now you can see a Physiotherapist or Osteopath who are legally operational.

Go careful out there folks, please listen to the scientists and I look forward to be back to treating again when the conditions allow.