So here it is – my first blog post! I thought this would be a more appropriate outlet than my instagram as with today’s experiment, I have 100% proved to myself that hardly anyone actually reads the nerdy/interesting stuff I am attempting to spout, but instead just prefers short videos or pictures of me in my all-together! I’m not really sure whether to be flattered or annoyed but I guess I’m not doing badly for someone approaching.. errr we’ll get to the age thing later.

So rather than get frustrated, I’m shifting my creative outlet on here to make more use of what I spend all this “hosting” money on and not be limited to a short caption, I’m sure this is music to your ears. I’m actually pretty pleased with myself for managing to add this on to my site unaided, one day I will perhaps stop being such a moron with simple stuff!

Anyway… as they say, hello world! Or the, perhaps, 3 people who might read this… here’s to blogging and keeping social media for the selfies.

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