5 types of headache…

HEADACHES & MIGRAINE… so who suffers regularly? And do you know which sort of headache you are afflicted with? Did you even know there were categories? What can we do to avoid them?

Sadly, we just don’t know why many people suffer, often no physical or underlying neurological cause can be found, they just happen. Regular sufferers often know

Would you donate yourself to science?

Dead people receive more flowers than living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude” Anne Frank

At the beginning of the utterly fascinating dissection webinars I have been following, we start the talk by being reminded that some amazing people have donated their bodies for the purpose of this clinical study. Many people are registered organ donors (personally I am in favour of an opt OUT system rather than having to opt

The language of rehabilitation…


What do I mean by that? Well, are you, or your therapist/instructor using limiting language? For example, something I hear in class regularly is “that’s too much for my back” or “I can’t do that because….”. On the surface that may seem like an innocuous and even sensible thing to consider, but is it true?

I would argue that NO exercise is “too much for

Micronutrients – should I use supplements?

When it comes to diet and exercise plans we hear a lot of buzz words and talk about “calculating your macros” but do we really know what we are putting in to our bodies and why? Particularly when it comes to the micro-nutrients, aka vitamins and minerals! Obviously, these are essential for the functionality and health of

Hello world!

So here it is – my first blog post! I thought this would be a more appropriate outlet than my instagram as with today’s experiment, I have 100% proved to myself that hardly anyone actually reads the nerdy/interesting stuff I am attempting to spout, but instead just prefers short videos or pictures of me in my

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