Scoliosis Awareness Month!

SCOLIOSIS AWARENESS MONTH… another one! We’ve had April for ankylosing spondylitis, May for osteoporosis and now June for scoliosis. I know everything seems to have it’s national day now, but these things deserve a whole month as they affect more people than you think, and of course are all personal for me as well

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How Can I Help My Neck Pain?

Back pain is so often talked about but what about your neck? Obviously it’s all interconnected and I’m not a fan of looking at parts of the body in isolation but I also don’t want anything to be forgotten!

If you’re going to have a bulging disc, it’ll be in the lumbar or cervical spine, very rarely the mid section. The cervical spine (aka your

Plan for when things don’t go to plan!

PLANS… when was the last time something didn’t go to plan? Stupid question right now I guess, but how did you feel and did you have a back-up plan?

We often talk about going with the flow, but if like me, you really value order and planning this can be a challenge. In these unprecedented times, our best laid plans have generally been blown way


REFLECTION ON PRIVILEGE… I didn’t want to let my single black square be the final word. Although this is far from a social or political commentary account, and, let’s face it, barely anyone is reading, but I feel we should all use any platform we have to make ourselves clear and say something.

As a


How are yours, have you checked in lately? Do you have a clear idea as what is sensible and acceptable to you, or are you constantly feeling invaded? I’m speaking to a number of people suffering the newest of modern struggles, “Zoom-fatigue”, and, although some folk have welcomed working from home, have you found that working hours have been blurred as you are now be expected to be