BAD ADVICE… who do you trust and listen to when it comes to your health and fitness?

Do you have a great GP who advocates for Pilates-not-painkillers and sensible “social prescriptions” etc. Do you have a great PT or Yoga/Pilates instructor who really knows their onions? But what if you don’t? Where do you turn? Following on from listening to a number of speakers at yesterday’s online version of Therapy Live (a […]

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Scoliosis Awareness Month!

SCOLIOSIS AWARENESS MONTH… another one! We’ve had April for ankylosing spondylitis, May for osteoporosis and now June for scoliosis. I know everything seems to have it’s national day now, but these things deserve a whole month as they affect more people than you think, and of course are all personal for me as well as […]

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How Can I Help My Neck Pain?

Back pain is so often talked about but what about your neck? Obviously it’s all interconnected and I’m not a fan of looking at parts of the body in isolation but I also don’t want anything to be forgotten!

If you’re going to have a bulging disc, it’ll be in the lumbar or cervical spine, very […]

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Plan for when things don’t go to plan!

PLANS… when was the last time something didn’t go to plan? Stupid question right now I guess, but how did you feel and did you have a back-up plan?

We often talk about going with the flow, but if like me, you really value order and planning this can be a challenge. In these unprecedented times, […]

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REFLECTION ON PRIVILEGE… I didn’t want to let my single black square be the final word. Although this is far from a social or political commentary account, and, let’s face it, barely anyone is reading, but I feel we should all use any platform we have to make ourselves clear and say something.

As a woman, […]

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