‘Ruth has a genuine and uncompromising desire to get to the source of the problem as efficiently and as quickly as possible. I felt remarkably different after the first treatment and things continued to improve
as we progressed. Over a two month period, I went from being unable to jog around the block to running normally again!’ – B. McCallum, Acupuncturist

‘Thank you Ruth for an excellent treatment, your knowledge of anatomy and the causes of muscular pain is impressive! I’ll be back!’ – M. Tunstall, Physiotherapist

‘Ruth very kindly volunteered her services during a 300 mile charity bike ride. Ruth was on hand constantly for four consecutive days to assist riders with much needed treatment throughout the day and evenings. Ruth’s professional attitude and amazing knowledge meant that everyone completed the ride and recovered well – her expertise proved invaluable.’ – C. Gigney, Iron Man Competitor 

Having experimented with a number of massage therapists in the past, I was very pleased to find Ruth. She has been treating me for three years. She has an excellent knowledge of the body and has successfully dealt with the various niggles I present. She gives effective, practical advice is professional and highly skilled. I refer all my friends to her and she has converted every one. – C. Beckinsale, Acupuncturist

Details of my union which requires the highest level of qualification for membership
My Tuesday & Wednesday Pilates classes are run through JCW, plus a range of other classes in Muswell Hill
I teach baby massage and baby yoga on Katy Appleton’s postnatal teacher trainings

Sports Massage FAQ’s

Well, probably, a little. You will often hear people associating Sports Massage with ‘pain’ but Sports Massage does not HAVE to be sore to be effective! If you have a particularly problematic, tight area or injury like frozen shoulder, then needless to say, working on it may well be painful, as we need to make a difference to your body! There’s no sense in just pushing the skin around and hoping for the deeper issue to resolve, it just won’t.
Sport Massage is for everyone! The most common complaint is people with generalized back aches, stiff necks and shoulders: mainly caused by office-based jobs, driving long distances, sleep issues, pregnancy or stress.
NO. This is what we call a general contraindication as it is a viral infection. Massage stimulates circulation and can spread infection around the body.
For massage, just your underwear if you feel comfortable with that or some gym shorts. Towels are used for your modesty. For Pilates, just wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move, and bare feet.
You may well have already been advised to seek massage therapy by your GP or Physiotherapist, or indeed to take up Pilates. Although it is always advisable to check with your GP before undertaking a change in your exercise routine, Ruth’s treatments and classes are very safe and tailored around your needs. A consultation will take place during your first treatment/class.
Yes. Ruth is experienced in dealing with a range of rehabilitation techniques and can also offer advice as to particular exercises that may help you.
Everyone is different. Some clients will have one treatment and leave feeling on top of the world; but sometimes, when pain is chronic, built up over a long time, it takes longer to resolve. You may also simply have a more sensitive system so, its not uncommon to feel sore/stiff or even bruised the next day, its often the day after that, that the benefits really start to feel apparent.
Ruth also offers Relaxation Full Body massage, Pregnancy massage and medical acupuncture. This is full body treatment and will simply aid in combating the general stresses and strains of everyday life, improve circulation and can even ensure a good nights sleep!
As Ruth often has a waiting list for appointments, 24 hours minimum notice must be given to cancel or rearrange a massage appointment, otherwise the treatment time must be paid for.

Postnatal FAQ’s

It’s fine to attend class after your 6-week check if your Midwife, Health Visitor or GP gives you the go-ahead.
NO! Family life rarely fits into a ridged weekly plan, so you are free to pay as you go and attend as many classes as you can, we don’t take school term breaks, classes run continuously, just reserve your place with Project:Me reception as numbers are limited. You can also guarantee your place by paying up-front for a calendar month at a reduced rate, however classes are non-transferrable and non-refundable under this offer.
The same rules apply as above, as long as your scar is healing well and your midwife says you are safe to start exercising, then please come along. You will be asked about your birth experience in the registration questionnaire.
Don’t worry. If you have diastasis recti (abdominal separation) or if you don’t know, Ruth will check this for you and advise as to exercise adaptations which are right for you as this heals.
Post-natal Pilates is fine for those experienced and beginners alike. It’s all about recovering from pregnancy and birth so the exercises are gentle and easy to follow.
Everyone is in the same boat! Just carry on, feeding and changing as necessary is encouraged and supported during class. There are always postural exercises you can practice while feeding! Ruth is also happy to help entertain!